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When liquids start falling back into your multiphase well due to increased back pressure, gas production rates fall too. What now?

Many operators instinctively opt for traditional artificial lift systems. Unfortunately, these solutions have their drawbacks. They are limited in their ability to push up liquids, require time to take effect, and are costly. It’s time to make a change.


Gas volume fraction
80% to 100%


From 5 psig min suction to 500 psig max discharge


Up to 2,500 bbl/day
liquid capacity


Up to 1 MMSCFD
gas capacity

Operating parameters for existing frame size


Powered by Hicor technology.

At the heart of the system is Hicor technology: a game-changing multiphase compressor with compression ratios of up to 40:1. It powerfully sweeps liquids out from the wellbore faster than any rival technology.

What makes Hicor technology so special?

Multiphase: We are uniquely capable of delivering a drop-in, plug-and-play solution for multiphase wells without any additional production equipment.

High ratios: Our proprietary cooling technique enables a compression ratio of up to 40:1, allowing for a simpler single-stage system.

Flexible operating envelope: The compressor self-adjusts to accommodate any changes in operating conditions, such as fluctuations in pressure and gas to liquid ratios.


The Reach System.

Combining proprietary technology with advanced components, our system installs at the surface within 24 hours—getting your wells back up and running fast.

Compact and lightweight, the Reach system addresses all your needs. It’s self-contained, providing its own power. With remote monitoring, we ensure optimum operation to keep your well flowing.

What’s more, due to the nature of the technology, the Reach system significantly reduces methane emissions, helping you reach your environmental targets more easily.


+ + + +

Proprietary liquid cooling

Multiphase capability

Compression ratio up to 40:1

High efficiency even with off spec and changing conditions

+ + + + +

Installs at the surface within 24 hours

Compact and lightweight

Plug-and-play requiring no external utilities or well intervention

Combines proprietary technology with advanced components

Significant reduction in methane emissions

Unmatched well performance.

The Reach solution delivers unmatched performance in lifting fluids from the wellbore. By reducing wellhead flowing pressure, the system accelerates production and extends reserves by:

  • Increasing gas volume in the tubing at actual conditions
  • Increasing superficial gas velocity in the multiphase flow
  • Sweeping liquids up and out of the tubing
  • Reducing backpressure on the well

Operational flexibility built in.

It truly is plug and play—ready to go in less than 24 hours with no intervention costs. It’s a simple, self-contained unit that:

  • Connects directly to the well at surface to enhance multiphase production without requiring any additional surface facilities or utilities such as separation or power
  • Is compact, lightweight and easily moved between locations
  • Requires minimal ground prep prior to installation—it can be placed directly on a flat gravel pad
  • Is immediately ready to go
  • Adjusts itself automatically to adapt to dynamic operating conditions (pressure changes and fluid mix)


The economic and operational benefits of the Reach solution are obvious from day one. They include:

  • Retained production at rates well over critical velocity, avoiding liquid loading and well shut-ins
  • Lower backpressure, delivering faster production and recovery
  • Lower abandonment pressure, leading to expanded reserves and extended production
  • Operational flexibility and no intervention, significantly reducing costs
  • Reducing slugging and process upsets, leading to fewer blowdowns
  • Ability to handle slugging conditions
  • Fewer emissions due to proprietary sealing and elimination of pneumatic control components
  • Removal of field separation equipment, saving space and expense


Reach has a robust, broad-reaching portfolio of US and international patents and patent applications, protecting our technology and its application.