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Of course, there are times when the best laid production plans can go astray.

Frac hits are an example, where 25% of child wells completed fracture into an adjacent parent well. Whether you have preloaded the parent well or received a frac hit, time is crucial. You must move quickly to keep production flowing.

Reach is on it, quickly removing the liquids from the parent well by reducing the wellhead pressure. You’re back up and running, without skipping a beat.

It’s then business as usual–as if nothing ever happened!


Around 25% of infill child wells completed fracture into a neighboring parent well


Over 4,000 US wells are frac hit annually


To manage reservoir risk and cash flow in field development, operators often apply infill drilling. Unfortunately, it comes with risk of inter-well communications during fracturing. This is commonly known as frac hit.

As a result of production, a lower pressure region will naturally occur around the existing parent well. During hydraulic fracturing of an adjacent infill child well, this low-pressure zone will attract fractures from the infill, or child, wells – just like a magnet.

If a fracture from the child well connects with a fracture of the parent well, the result can be severe and costly. Referred to as a frac hit, this can physically damage the parent well, either the sand-face completion or the wellbore itself, requiring that the parent well be side-tracked and re-completed—that’s 80 percent of the cost of the well, lost. For gas wells, this problem is exacerbated as it also creates a liquid loading problem.

To mitigate this problem, operators have the option to temporarily inject water into the parent well, equalizing the pressure that would otherwise attract fractures from the child well. While effective, this technique requires that these liquids be quickly removed once the risk is gone.

The Reach system doesn’t need any infrastructure and is quickly mobilized for fluid removal, getting the well back to maximum production and profitability, fast. We install, operate, monitor and maintain the system, and then demobilize. At Reach, we take care of it.

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